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shake that jaffe taffy

Sarah Jaffe is playing a really quiet show at a coffee shop called the Pearl Cup.  There will be solemn reverence offered by the patrons, and surprisingly, the espresso machine?  I’ve never really heard Sarah Jaffe sing any songs, and dont really listen to much folky singy songy acoustic driven stuff, but I am told that she is among the most talented in the area.  The show @ the Pearl Cup will be 8pm sharp.  Seems to be a well organized show and everything – but check this out.  ITS 22 DOLLARS! WTF.  idk if that is the asking door price from jaffe or whatever but really.  come on – that really is too much money.  i guess its to offset the limit on attendence, they are only letting in 40 or so people inside, but will 40 people want to drop 22 bucks!? i dont even know…

One time i djed after Sarah Jaffe during NX35 and I was planning on doing a rework of D4L’s “Laffy Taffy” by dubbing someone saying “Jaffe” over “laffy” but i didnt have the time.  I dedicate this youtube video Embed to sarah jaffe and everyone @ the pearl cup getting jaffinated drinks.

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