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I’m nominated for best dj 2012 via the dallas observer

Hello Internet! I’ve been nominated for Best DJ via the Dallas Observer 2012 and that feels good. I have juggled a number of jobs unofficially over the years from promoter, to video game enthusiast ringleader, to booking agent, to projectionista, to glorified bar-back, but the one title that I have the most success at is JOCKEY OF DISCS.

2013 will mark a decade of djing under my belt. I’ve watched the equipment paradigm shift from real-life milk crates of vinyl all the way to the current smattering of iPad docking dj-from-the-cloud devices. It couldn’t be a more exciting time to watch djing evolve, not just from an equipment perspective, but more importantly from a musical observance. EDM has certainly shown it has a gung-ho American style, which in typical U!S!A! fashion, marginalizes a wide spectrum — but also¬†focuses¬†it into a narrow archetype which skyrockets certain styles to superstardom the world-over. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, but it has me anxious to see what genres emerge from the Americanized EDM standard we have been beaten into our ear canals from quite possibly every advertisement this year. DJing is still a relatively ‘young’ profession, one that few grandfathers enjoyed, so it still feels to me like it could go almost anywhere – especially with the industry’s recent decision to almost yearly reinvent the technology supporting the art. I’ll stop blustering now and point you to the ballot. Vote for me if you think I deserve the title. peace.

—> 2012 DOMA ballot <— (vote ‘yeahdef’ under Best DJ, item #25)

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