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35denton 2013


I’m djing saturday on main stage 1 for 35Denton. This is pretty unique for me, because I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with some visual artists for the set, LZX Industries. I am also super excited to open up for the very talented Sarah Jaffe, who will be joined on stage by The Cannabinoids. Then, stick around for what might be the most lauded set of the festival, Solange. My personal must-see list for the fest will place me at the new venue The Hive for all of Thursday night to check out what will most likely be one of the most important DJ/club music events in Denton’s history, as Fade to Mind & Night Slugs grace our city, Track Meet Crew doing it right! Friday I’m pingponging main stage 1 + 2 for Roky Erickson and Sleep, then to Gloves for True Widow, and hopefully I can make it to Man Man at the Hive right after. Saturday, after I conclude my aforementioned main stage activities, I’m djing for Fab Deuce at Andy’s. Then, I don’t know if I can pass up Com Truise. Sunday is all about Chelsea Light Moving, and if I still have the gumption, get zoned out by Prurient at Gloves.

Much love and respect to the whole crew at 35, who keep coming with super dope lineups and ceaseless dedication to Denton – not just musically, but as a community as well. Peace, hope to see you Saturday 4pm

This entry was written by yeahdef, posted on March 7, 2013 at 3:53 pm, filed under parties.