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cool out


I’ve been invited to play at Cool Out Mondays w/ revered funky DJ, Tony Schwa. Tony is a rad dude who is real chill and probably one of the few people I would allow into my radiation bunker when the bombs drop. When I last played Cool Out (this was way back in 2009 — sheesh), Mr. Schwa and I formed an instant rapport. We also opened up for MixMaster Mike together and got this neat picture:

338486_10100317452839000_4765640_oThese days, we’ve dropped the smokes and we’ve both moved onto bigger, better glasses — but one thing didn’t change: Cooling out jockeying tunes for people to dance to. Round 2, Monday Night @ The Crown and Harp.

This entry was written by yeahdef, posted on February 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm, filed under news.