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here’s some things people said about yeahdef:

if you come across something else somebody wrote up about me – let me know plz.

D MAGAZINE promotes Rock Lottery

ART AND SEEK writes up Rock Lottery

D MAGAZINE writes up Rock Lottery

D MAGAZINE implies I was born


D MAGAZINE blurbs 80s Night

WE DENTON DO IT picked my brain about the dance music scene in Denton

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLES reviews a piece from my vinyl collection i loaned them

CENTRAL TRACK blurbed my cool out set

D MAGAZINE c-mose gives y2k a shoutout

D MAGAZINE lists 80’s Dance Night as an other – *other* – Thursday night event

CENTRAL TRACK encourages 80’s Night to their fine readers

CENTRAL TRACK blipped 80’s Dance Night

D MAGAZINE can’t miss neon christmas

CENTRAL TRACK ranked a buzz

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE has some nice things to say about Neon Indian and Yeahdef

D MAGAZINE thinks upon 80s Night history

CENTRAL TRACK says 80s Night is a ‘thing to do’

CENTRAL TRACK says y2k is a ‘thing to do’

CENTRAL TRACK says yo – back up where we belong

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE woop woops our halloween party

DALLAS OBSERVER gave our halloween party a shoutout

NTDAILY interviewed me for the Hailey’s changes

CENTRAL TRACK wrote a piece on the changes at Hailey’s

DALLAS OBSERVER nominates me for Best DJ in their annual music award

DALLAS OBSERVER writes an analysis of Breakaway Fest

DALLAS OBSERVER gives a well-written synopsis of Breakaway Fest

BACKSTAGE OL blogs my Freak Nasty remix

SURREAL SHARX posted a beat i made on their blog

BREAKAWAY FEST shares an interview with my for the first of their local artist highlights

DALLAS OBSERVER pops up a quick highlight for my monthly at C&H

CENTRAL TRACK article on the announcement of Breakaway Fest

DALLAS OBSERVER gives me a lil love listed as a top residency

DALLAS OBSERVER blurbs my new monthly gig at Crown & Harp

GOODBAMMSHO wrote up my 35Denton set

OPERATION EVERY BAND hit me up before my 35Denton showcase

DALLAS OBSERVER looks at the day of my 35Denton performance through the eyes of a stage hand

DALLAS OBSERVER looks in my pockets

CENTRAL TRACK writes about NYE

FLY TIMES DAILY picked up the Texa$ Finest mix

NT DAILY wrote about nerdlife in Denton… #barcraft

DALLAS OBSERVER reviews the 15 yr gloves anniv

INDIEVERSE wrote up my set at 35Denton

35DENTON blog writes up the first night of the fest

LITTLE D AFTER DARK mentions my A/V setup for 35denton (thanks @captnhindsight)

STRESS TO IMPRESS gives a show shoutout – and im inspired to try a Midori Sour

LITTLE D AFTER DARK writes about my 35Denton showcase

PRWeb press releases about the liquid app launch party

LITTLE D AFTER DARK interviews me for a cover story on Denton Hip Hop

35 DENTON interviews me for a blog feature

DALLAS OBSERVER points out the Beat Factory show and spotlights Juc

35 DENTON invites me to play their festival alongside Designer Drugs

DALLAS OBSERVER offers some insight into my new Me Gusta weekly

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE : cindy talks new years

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE talks up the Fab Deuce Christmas party

FRONT ROW blurbs my Xmas In Denton… and randomly insults me?

D MAGAZINE blogs my new Disco Dare weekly

THE ASTRINGENT GAMING JOURNAL features BarCraft Denton in their TAGcast 002

DALLAS OBSERVER blogged the controversy regarding the new owner at Hailey’s

DENTONEER wrote about the Battles show

THE DAKOTA IN THE VILLAGE blog blurbs about my late night @ the DMA set

DALLAS OBSERVER wants you to ‘get to know’ me and the other nominees

DALLAS OBSERVER wrote up a blurbage on the DOMA 2011

LASER SQUID featured my smashing pumpkins edit

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS techblog wrote up about my BarCraft event

DENTONEER published a write up about 90s Night

DENTONEER blurbs the TREG / AHAB / SOFAKING / YEAHDEF back 2 school show

GAME MUSIC 4 ALL featured DJ Cutman’s mix “The Legend of Dubstep” which contained a track by me.

DALLAS OBSERVER points out 90s Night again

D MAGAZINE has ‘heartfelt conversations’ regarding 90’s night

D MAG blogs indentondance day

KNUCKLE RUMBLER says yo to me

D MAG mentions the CdlC June 2011 show

D MAG talks up 80s night

DALLAS OBSERVER tells everyone to go download a remix album that i was a part of

HOYOTOHO blogged up Indentondance day 2011

DMAGAZINE writer Mosley ‘it-listed’ the Treasure Fingers show

QUICK DFW praises the Aceyalone show

LOOSE L!PS blogged up some support for the Treasure Fingers show

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE featured denton hip hop

FOOLS GOLD blurbed up the Dallas Treasure Fingers show

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE blurbed the Coolio show. I’m opening

DANCE YOUR FACE OFF blogged about the Treasure Fingers / Dubbel Dutch show

THE TECH TARDS talked about my chiptune show “playing with power”

QUICKDFW blurbed out some blurbage on the bust it wide open bash

KILL DENTON gives a shout out for my koffing and weezing party

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE interviewed me about the 80’s night 7 yr anniversary

LOOSE LIPS blogged the creme de la creme CLASSIXX party

D MAG columnist “defensive listening” wrote up some pointed blurbage on two shows of mine

DC9ER shared my creed bootleg

D MAG writer “def-list” blurbed on the awkwardness of a roller derby / folk / bootie bass party

DC9ER hoisted up a promo for our NYE 2011 party

DENTON RECORD CHRONICLE wrote up a blurb about NYE 2010 w/ me and FUR

DC9ATNIGHT asked me a few questions about my influences

ILL EGO posted up a picture recap of XMAS IN DENTON 2010

DFWQUICK gave a little love for the 2010 Xmas In Denton event

DC9ATNIGHT did a dj status update

ONLY MY ISSUE wrote up a review of the Hood Internet show

SUBSERVIENT EXPERIMENT promoted my gig with The Hood Internet

PEGASUS NEWS featured me in their “freshest dj” article

SUBSERVIENT EXPERIMENT featured my top 5 video game soundtracks guestlist

TECHNOSPORTS invited me to come join in on their weekly sunday night radio program

HELLOOOOOO gave me a shout out for the Flush Faces show

UNHOLY KNIGHT pumped people up about the Flush Faces show

DC9ATNIGHT featured my guest mix for their DC9er Mixtape series

YELP COMMUNITY BLOG said nice things about my tunes for their tacky prom gig

PEGASUS NEWS outlined a ‘very busy week’ of mine

TRASHCAN PUNCH rallied up the dfw scene about our DentStep monthly

NX35 included me in a daytime panel discussion regarding the ebb and flow of live music

NTXHIPHOP said nice things about our hip hop show in dallas

MUDGEMIX posted my neon indian remix

SICK OF THE RADIO posted my neon indian remix

DAVIDOLSKI posted up my neon indian remix

DANCE YOUR FACE OFF posted my neon indian remix

PEGASUS NEWS wrote some nice things about the neon indian show i deejed @ haileys

NX35 posted up a nice blurb succinctly and accurately describing my aesthetic

HELLOOOOOO posted up my Neon Indian Remix

DALLAS OBSERVER did a write up on the Fresh Faces show

NORTH TEXAS DAILY did a feature article on me

IN HOUSE interviewed me as an employee of UNT

BUOM VOYAGE tossed up a blurb on the sold out “fresh faces” show @ dan’s

UNHOLY KNIGHT posted two rmxz of mine and shouted out about 80s night takeover

DC9ATNIGHT blogged my neon indian / darktown strutter rmxz

DALLAS OBSERVER serves up a nice follow story on neon indian dallas show

QUICKDFW asked me to write them up a New Years’ Playlist

DALLAS OBSERVER mentions that ill be taking over the 5+ yr running 80s night party @ haileys

NORTH TEXASS BULLSHIT wrote about the fdp show and mdm + yeahdef hip hop show

NT DAILY had a write up about’s The Ish

NT DAILY gave us a featured article for Horrorble Party

DC9 @ NIGHT wrote up about Horrorble Party

HELLOOOOOO.COM hosted a mix i made on their Music Fridays feature

NT DAILY talked about 90s

DALLAS OBSERVER wrote about dj nights in denton, i had a quote

DALLAS OBSERVER nominated me for best dj in 2009

QUICK DFW ran a feature / interview

PORCH OF THE MYSTICS interviewed me for their “know your dj” series

PORCH OF THE MYSTICS featured a remix i did in Friday Feel series #26

DONT DIE WONDERING featured a remix of mine

WE SHOT JR gave a shout out to my MJ mix from the night he died

QUICK DFW urged readers to listen to my mike jacko mix

NBCDFW roots for me to win the dallas observer music award for best dj

NTDAILY covered the haps on gatw+yeahdef watchmen release party

MY DENTON MUSIC covered the movember mustache pageant

WEEKLY TAPE DECK talked about indentondance day

DAY BOW BOW hyped indentondance day and linked to my michael jackson tribute

DALLAS OBSERVER awarded me a DOMA for Best DJ 2009

MY DENTON MUSIC mentioned me as a DOMA winner in their recap

NBCDFW roundups the DOMA winners

QUICK DFW puts the spotlight on 90s night

DALLAS OBSERVER DC9 partied with me, big j, and alan palomo @ suite

DAY BOW BOW did a mini interview spotlight on me promoting a back 2 school show

NBC DFW covered the Moment of Stylence fashion show – the name was my idea