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oaktopia fest

oaktopiaAs noted in many local blogs, Oaktopia Fest, will host Del in Denton. Del is one of my most loved hip hop luminaries, and fresh of the release of Deltron 3030 event 2, will be rocking the Denton town square. I’m elated. I’m also holding down the hip hop stage for the event. In addition to there being a plethora of local acts, we have a rad headliner. Come check it out. BTW im nominated for best dj in the dallas observer

Breakaway Fest Dallas Sept 21

dallasI’ve been asked to perform at the upcoming Breakaway Fest @ FC Stadium in late September and couldn’t be more stoked! They recently put up a brand new website with a lot more details about the Dallas twin of this double-city-double-header, so you should go and check that out! Please go grab those tickets and get ready for one of the biggest and most diverse music festivals to land DFW.

wave back


Dallas! It has been FAR TOO LONG since I last had a cool spot I could dj in the big D. Lot’s of people see me as a Denton dude but I probably had as much come up playing places like The Cavern and Fallout as I did Rubber Gloves and house parties. My good buddy M3SA is going to be holding it down with me for the debut of my new monthly party, “Wave Back”, @ Crown & Harp upstairs. It’s free to attend and I guarantee we are going to play some shit that will get your body movin’. So get wise, each first Friday of the month, it’ll be me and a guest dj selecting funky gems for your aural canals.

35denton 2013


I’m djing saturday on main stage 1 for 35Denton. This is pretty unique for me, because I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with some visual artists for the set, LZX Industries. I am also super excited to open up for the very talented Sarah Jaffe, who will be joined on stage by The Cannabinoids. Then, stick around for what might be the most lauded set of the festival, Solange. My personal must-see list for the fest will place me at the new venue The Hive for all of Thursday night to check out what will most likely be one of the most important DJ/club music events in Denton’s history, as Fade to Mind & Night Slugs grace our city, Track Meet Crew doing it right! Friday I’m pingponging main stage 1 + 2 for Roky Erickson and Sleep, then to Gloves for True Widow, and hopefully I can make it to Man Man at the Hive right after. Saturday, after I conclude my aforementioned main stage activities, I’m djing for Fab Deuce at Andy’s. Then, I don’t know if I can pass up Com Truise. Sunday is all about Chelsea Light Moving, and if I still have the gumption, get zoned out by Prurient at Gloves.

Much love and respect to the whole crew at 35, who keep coming with super dope lineups and ceaseless dedication to Denton – not just musically, but as a community as well. Peace, hope to see you Saturday 4pm

the divehiflylo experience

BEB_nZUCUAAe7IGLocal hip hop tycoons A.Dd+ are headlining the stage @ Hailey’s on Friday night. I’ll be handling most of the dj duties throughout the show. This should be a really good turn out for what I consider a cant-miss lineup for hip hop not just in DFW, but the entirety of Texas, possibly the universe. make sure you RSVP

nye w/ big freedia @ club dada

New Years Eve is going to be one big party over @ Club Dada. Ynfynyt Scroll, Ocelot, Brain Gang Blue and myself will be joining New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia for a night full of ball droppin and booty poppin. If you are looking for a perfect spot to bounce your ass up and down all night, there really isn’t a better party to attend in Texas, possibly the nation. I realize that is a bold assertion, but my colleagues and I deem it accurate. See ya Monday night!

Texa$ Finest Mix

Here’s a mix I made in partnership with @ghostpizza and @trillcitykings. It features a bunch of rap music out of Texas as far back as 1987. Some of it you should immediately recognize, some tunes might be a little more obscure. The whole idea was to contribute a few tracks from each of us until we had the trillest playlist possible. Obviously, with that as the only stipulation, we debated just making an all U.G.K. mixtape, but we needed more variations in trill. So, go ahead and drop this in the tape deck of your ‘lac and bang round some corners. Peace.


  1. E.S.G. – Swangin and Bangin
  2. Wine-O – Pop My Trunk (Daylight Riddim) [Dubbel Dutch Edit]
  3. Ron C – What’s the Tip
  4. Towdown – Country Rap Tune (DJ Shadow Dynamix Blend)
  5. Slim Thug – Cash to the Ceiling
  6. Sir Charles – Ca$h to the Ceiling
  7. Something Fresh – Oak Cliff
  8. Big Moe – Purple Stuff
  9. Scarface – A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die
  10. 8ball and MJG – Daylight
  11. Fila Fresh Crew – I Hate to Go to Work
  12. Z-Ro – Mo City Don Freestyle
  13. Fat Pat – Reality
  14. UGK – Diamonds & Wood
  15. Chamillionaire – Ridin’ Dirty
  16. Mr. Pookie ft. Mr. Lucci – Crook for Life
  17. 8ball and MJG – Alcohol, Pussy and Weed
  18. Lil Flip – I Can Do Dat
  19. Ron C – Trendsetter


I’m djing this super cool party at Rubber Gloves. Come await Armageddon, The Age of Aquarius, Mayan Mayhem, etc.

creeps and ghosts

San Antonio meets Transylvania

I’m nominated for best dj 2012 via the dallas observer

Hello Internet! I’ve been nominated for Best DJ via the Dallas Observer 2012 and that feels good. I have juggled a number of jobs unofficially over the years from promoter, to video game enthusiast ringleader, to booking agent, to projectionista, to glorified bar-back, but the one title that I have the most success at is JOCKEY OF DISCS.

2013 will mark a decade of djing under my belt. I’ve watched the equipment paradigm shift from real-life milk crates of vinyl all the way to the current smattering of iPad docking dj-from-the-cloud devices. It couldn’t be a more exciting time to watch djing evolve, not just from an equipment perspective, but more importantly from a musical observance. EDM has certainly shown it has a gung-ho American style, which in typical U!S!A! fashion, marginalizes a wide spectrum — but also focuses it into a narrow archetype which skyrockets certain styles to superstardom the world-over. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, but it has me anxious to see what genres emerge from the Americanized EDM standard we have been beaten into our ear canals from quite possibly every advertisement this year. DJing is still a relatively ‘young’ profession, one that few grandfathers enjoyed, so it still feels to me like it could go almost anywhere – especially with the industry’s recent decision to almost yearly reinvent the technology supporting the art. I’ll stop blustering now and point you to the ballot. Vote for me if you think I deserve the title. peace.

—> 2012 DOMA ballot <— (vote ‘yeahdef’ under Best DJ, item #25)

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