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Thursday Wordspray: Three 6 Mafia

three6mafiamysticstylezdj3I wondered how long it would take before I fall back on some three 6.  Paul and da juice man are probably the trillest people on earth.  If you are hungry, sometimes the best thing to do is just put mafia on blast and make a gangsta ass sandwich with some plochman’s mustard (which i heartily endorse).  I have some crusty sounding tape rips of old mafia mixtapes that were probably sold out of juice’s whip at a circle K in Memphis – back in the early nineties.  But, as far as official LPs with real distribution – this would be the very first.  “Mystic Stylez” is one of the spookiest records i know of.  actually, the time i left my music on random and got woken up by Tim Buckley’s “Starsailor” track was the spookiest thing ever.

Everyone who looks into 3-6 knows the spook factor was a fleeting element to their Oscar winning collective.  I remember reading some interview or something where Juice was talking like they just did it to grab people’s attention, kind of the same way i bet prince paul was trying to approach it when he formed the Gravediggaz.  this album is just bloated with funky horror jams.  lets check a few out eh?


“Long Nite” is basically a glorified drug-deal-gone-wrong story rap with nonsensical occult references about lord infamous (also referred to as “the scarecrow” throughout this album) painting evil portraits.  decent jam points on this – nothing amazing – but i like story raps, and goofy ones like this are pretty funny.


DJ Paul’s older brother “Lord Infamous” is sounding a lot like bone thugs on this track – and wait a minute!? is that the infamous “Rump Shaker” saxophone sample from obscure french break beat funkers “Lafayette Afro Rock Band”? – yes i believe it is… I like how they flipped that – pretty spooky – right into “pop pop pop pop another trick sucka dropped”  hmm, looks like no one caught that yet on the wikipedia entry for LARB sample flips – its ok, i added it in just now.  Ever think like wikipedia is just the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy come to fruition?  The wierd thing is that is actually is.  These wiki cats dont muss around.


This drug-hustle-info-session track has the best gangsta boo verse ever.  I don’t even like gangsta boo.  Have you ever heard a solo Gangsta Boo rekkid? THEY SUCK.  kinda like Lil Wyte.  Those lower level affiliates need to play their role and just be support for J and dj paul.  this is the biggest jam of the album, solely due to the incredible bass line.


I thought i’d include this track because it is the origin of the much loved Project Pat song “Ski Mask”.  Listen to it, you’ll be like “oh – awesome thats where that line comes from”.  also super spooky laughing in the track.

y’know, just for the sheer originality of this record, i have a lot of respect for 3-6.  The production on this cut is so wildly surreal and haunting, something you rarely see in rap – – – and for this to be “debut” release for the same producers that gained mainstream critical appeal for “Stay Fly”, you can really see the scope and raw talent posses by dj paul and juicy j.  Oh and if you didnt know DJ Paul has a “baby arm” birth defect and he is still being triller than anyone on earth.


Its not really noticable that much – and it doesnt matter at all cause dj paul is completely awesome and doesnt care what you think of his arm he has an Oscar and millies on millies.  Regardless, this was put on blast by T-Rock on a diss track when he got kicked out of 3-6, hahah that is pretty low t-rock you bitter fool…

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